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What is EMP? I’ve never seen this term. And when I searched google for “File Extension Emp”, I found the site http://FILEEXTENSIONEMP.COM the most comprehensive guide for it. If your Windows cannot open file extension emp. You can download the free software and check your system. From the site we can know .emp file extension has known associations with four different products:
First, I don’t like use the eMusic File Format, because you need to buy the music file from the online music service
Second, I found Pro/ENGINEER uses the .emp file extension. I am a bit familiar with this software. You can refer the article From Wikipedia to know what Pro/ENGINEER is.
Third, Medlin Accounting’s Payroll Software uses emp files. I think this is hard to know the structure within the file.
Last, EveMON links to .emp files. EveMon is a Windows-only application allowing users to monitor their EVE Online characters. What is the EVE Online? This is a complex game. Eve online is an online game that is based on market and war.
The special thing about the market is that there is no npc (No Player Character) that sells items, only the players of the game itself! It seems very interesting and I want to play the game.

I like the site help me to understand File Extension Emp.

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