Running Boards

At the beginning I did not know what Board means. I consulted a dictionary and found ‘step’,’footboard’ and ‘ Board’ are synonyms. And it’s translated as ‘’or ‘’. But seeing is believing. I can’t visualize what a running board looked like before I had some pictures to see. I browsed on the World Wide Web and the picture is below.

It’s different from a bicycle pedal although they have the same Chinese name “腳踏板”.

Finally, I am sure that I understand and I think it’s very good when children,old and patient get on the vehicles like RVs or Jeeps. Why I think it’s useful? Some RVs have no running and the tyres are too high to get on. In Taiwan I think installing running is not cheap. I suggest you surf the site They offer all the top brands including Aries, Bak, Dee Zee, Go Rhino, ICI, Iron Cross, , N-Fab, Putco, Raptor, Romik, Steelcraft, Westin and more. And maybe we can choose lund running boards because they suit today’s pickup trucks and suv’s.

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