Pupillary Distance


Early this month Miss Shen (a member of the ESH Department) arranged a vision care activity. She hoped we do not have high eye pressure.


Fortunately for me, My intraocular pressures were between 10 mmHg and 20 mmHg. I have the normal intraocular pressures.

Then I had an eyesight test.  A health professional said I have low degrees of Myopia. And today I found the abbreviation ‘’. What’s the meaning of ? I consulted the wiki and I thought ‘’ is the abbreviation for ‘Pupillary distance’. The typical for adults is around 54-68 mm, while measurements generally fall between 48 and 73 mm. And My is 68. It seems normal. And I googled the Opticians don’t want give you PD data. I felt it’s very strange why a 20 something women approach Golfnorth and sheepishly ask if Golfnorth could measure her ‘pupil distance’.


But I surfed Zenni: the #1 online eyeglasses store later on and wanted to order beautiful . I understood PD and OD are very important. So let ‘Opticians keep you away from ZenniOpt’.

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