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I remember many years ago I took the entrance examination for transfer students at TamKang University. XuYuan who was in the same class as me at school met me in front of the Banqiao Station. He took me to his home in a truck(traditional Chinese:發財車). This truck helped his family makes money. There were many big tools for the job in the open-top rear cargo area. We sat in the very narrow cab. I thought it’s unsafe in this smaller vehicle due to the lack of a crumple zone. In the event of a frontal impact, there is nothing in front of the passenger cabin to absorb the force of impact, thus crushing the entire front of the vehicle, occupants included. Another disadvantage of the truck is the lack of pickup cover. The rain will soak the tools. Maybe the tools will be damaged.

I think we can enhance our pickup trucks with covers. A pickup cover can enhance the way my pickup truck looks and increase its performance. And I found offers every most important brand of van pickup cover and all of the special styles so that you can get unerringly what you need for your pickup.

If we have the pickup cover, then we can go happy in rainy Taiwan.

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