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Qiao Feng Zheng is a new member in the church. His heart was full of trouble because his father asked him to engage in social activities in the golf clubs every Sunday. He worked from dawn till dusk He was totally exhausted. Many people admire him for playing golf but I do not like it because golf drivers are not cheap. I was on a golf kick when I studied at Da-Yeh Institute of Technology, I figure now would be a good time to introduce . asked me to do a review to generate some buzz for the site.

Some of you will already know this site. Krank Golf focuses developing the longest and straightest hitting in the World. At this point they are known for the crazy red driver they hit called The . The RHCP Driver has been at the forefront of Long Drive, winning 30 Long drive events and finishing as the #1 Driver into the final round at the World Long Drive Championships in 2006. They are passionate about hitting the ball long and straight and have shared that passion with tens of thousands of golfers.

If you have any questions please call them at (480) 699-5041. They are very thoughtful of us. What I said was quite true.

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