PHP COM access to Domino objects

今天在公司研究PHP使用Lotus notes 的COM,IBM 的這篇Common ground: COM access to Domino objects可以做參考!
$session = new COM( "Lotus.NotesSession" );
$dir = $session->GetDbDirectory("");
$db = $dir->GetFirstDatabase(1247);
while (is_object($db))
echo $db->Title."and".$db->Filepath."\n";
$db = $dir->GetNextDatabase();

程式碼中的1247,參考這一段『In late-binding COM code, the constants are not available and you must specify their integer values: 1245 (REPLICA_CANDIDATE), 1246 (TEMPLATE_CANDIDATE), 1247 (NOTES_DATABASE), and 1248 (TEMPLATE).』

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