Iterators and Iterator Types

C++ Primer 4/e 在Iterators這裡有一個術語:『When first encountered, the nomenclature around iterators can be confusing. In part the confusion arises because the same term, iterator, is used to refer to two things. We speak generally of the concept of an iterator, and we speak specifically of a concrete iterator type defined by a container, such as vector<int>.

What’s important to understand is that there is a collection of types that serve as iterators. These types are related conceptually. We refer to a type as an iterator if it supports a certain set of actions. Those actions let us navigate among the elements of a container and let us access the value of those elements.

Each container class defines its own iterator type that can be used to access the elements in the container. That is, each container defines a type named iterator, and that type supports the actions of an (conceptual) iterator.』








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