What is the thing called metadata_never_index?

kndgexnat http://www.weapl.com/viewthread.php?tid=74033 has the question : “Why iTurnes always shows me the ipod can not read the contents of the IPO? iTunes just tells me that I have to restore it, except I don’t want to erase all of my music. But it always shows that should not connect to the ipod software server. And the ipod_control folder is hidden when I open up the iPod as an external drive. It also has a hidden. Metadata_never_index. The size of the is 0kb. I do not know what it is.”

Because I do not have an ipod, I can not solve the problems within the machine. I note that this file extension .metadata_never_index and when I searched google for “File Extension MetaData Never Index

“, I found the site http://fileextensionmetadataneverindex.com/

the most comprehensive guide for it.

This website has some explanations:

1. Used by the Apple Macintosh operating system as a settings file. OK. I do not have the operating system, so I ignore the interpretation of this paragraph.
2. The Mac iPod uses the .metadata_never_index file extension. Because it must be located in a directory to be ultimately functional. If the size of the file is 0kb.  There is definitely something wrong.
The site http://fileextensionmetadataneverindex.com/ can us to understand what the meaning of file extension is.

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