What\’s with this .do extension?

jwhittlestone at http://ask.metafilter.com/30655/Whats-with-this-do-extension has the question:” A website’s pages have the extension .do such as index.do. I presume this is a server-side technology? Which one?

PHP? SSI? How does .do operate and if it is PHP as I suspect, how does it differ. Thanks.”

I found a interesting discussion on the File Extension DO. disillusioned said : “Technically, you can easily tell PHP to use any extension you’d like:

16. Tell Apache to parse certain extensions as PHP. For example, let’s have Apache parse the .php extension as PHP. You could have any extension(s) parse as PHP by simply adding more, with each separated by a space. We’ll add .phtml to demonstrate.

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml

But you can also do this with ASP and ColdFusion, or any (read: most) server-side scripting languages. MetaFilter is bulit entirely in ColdFusion, but Matt uses .mefi for his extensions.

This makes it easier to mask which server side scripting language you’re using to accomplish whatever. It doesn’t affect the way the script performs at all. (Not sure on this, but Apache might need to be informed about non-standard file extensions, before knowing exactly what to do with them.)”

And mdevore said :” This page covers the .do extension pretty well. It’s a Java/Struts/JSP thing”. I followed the link to read the article and File Extension DO seems relevant to the web based Java applications utilized on a web server especially Oracle Application Server. I decided to search google for “File Extension DO “, I found the site http://www.FILEEXTENSIONDO.COM the most comprehensive guide for it. Thiswebsitehas some explanations:

1.The most common DO files are web based Java applications utilized on a web server. Yes, mdevore‘s view is similar to this.

2.The actual .do file extension belongs to a software application from Mentor Graphics Corp., called ModelSim.

3.Another application that uses the .do extension is Stata, a statistical and data analysis environment from StataCorp LP.

4.The .do file extension has also been linked to a Digital Line Graph (DGL) file used by the Global Mapper software, play lists used by the 4oD media player, an old DOS 3.3 disk image, a web hosting control panel from Digital Outrage, and a MicroSim PCBoard file.

The online guidance of the site http://www.FILEEXTENSIONDO.COM for users to help them use File Extension DO.




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