frePPLe 0.6.1 在 IE 6 的 Operation Report 死當


『Try installing a better browser
frePPLe is tested to work fine with the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Safari, Opera.

Internet Explorer 6 is not complying to the industry standards in many ways, which creates problems for frePPLe (and a lot of web as well).
I am not planning to hack up my application to work with such a bad browser.』


>>Ok.I understand your meaning.But in my company I only use Internet Explorer 6.
>>So I need to hack your application.

If you send me a patch, I am willing to merge it in the code and support it as part of frePPLe.

>>I think it may be ’s problem.
>>So could you cue me how I can do?

It is very likely a javascript problem indeed, but I have not investigated the problem in detail. It is possible that the problem is relatively minor and can fixed pretty easily.

FrePPLe uses javascript code (among others) to synchronize the scrolling in different DIVs. I suspect the problem is in that part. See the functions syncInitialize, syncScroll, and syncResize in the file frepple.js.

Note also that frePPLe is using the “prototype” javascript library (see to support multiple browser dialects easily.

Good luck & keep me posted,

經過兩天的測試終於在Google中發現這個在IE 6 onresize的bug,我想在IE6不太會resize window所以我就把

Event.observe(, ‘resize’, syncResize);




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