Mobile Communications Buying Guide


Tell me why you want to buy a new mobile phone. Maybe your old cell phone is broken, maybe  you only want to buy a new one. I can tell you why I bought Nokia 5800.In the beginning I borrowed Google Android SDK開發範例大全 from the school library. This book is very popular in many Taiwanese bookstores. I hit upon an idea of a smartphone that would help me to imporove the skill of the phone programs.


I have an old Motorola’s phone and it seems to be installed JAVAME programs. I tried but I failed. So I need a newer 3.5g mobile. I read the pages of “ Mobile Communications Buying Guide” and “Fashionable Mobile Phones Buying Guide”. They suggested we can buy Apple iPhone 3G, HTC Touch, Samsung Instinct, RIM Blackberry Pearl, Nokia N95, Palm Centro, Samsung Tocco or Sony Ericsson K-770i Cyber-Shot. The system of Apple iPhone 3G is no free so I do not consider it. I very prefer HTC Touch, but at a price. So I choice Nokia because the mobile operating system is free and the price is low.

Which one is the best? Nokia 5800 is the cheapest smartphone I think. Where can I buy it? In Taiwan there is no store or shopping site like ShopWiki.


We can easily input “nokia 5800” in the textfiled on the upper right corner of the site or the bottom of the site. The search results in thousands of records and we can choice the cheapest or the best store to buy Nokia 5800 we like.The search result page has a special filter feature to help you to find exactly what you’re looking for on the right of the page.



Today that using your cellular phone while driving without a hands-free device can land you up to two years behind bars, it might be a good time to take procuring a Bluetooth headset like this into account.


I bought it on Yahoo for NT $250 dollars. At the below suggestions, you can also choose a headset to suit your particular needs.

I like the site and here’s that site. Enjoy!