Web directories

Recently I read a book about SEO and wrote the article “各搜尋引擎的登錄網站” in Chinese. We need to know the behavior of a Web crawler is the outcome of a combination of policies:

  • a selection policy that states which pages to download,
  • a re-visit policy that states when to check for changes to the pages,
  • a politeness policy that states how to avoid overloading Web sites, and
  • a parallelization policy that states how to coordinate distributed Web crawlers.

The selection policy is important to the web crawlers because it decide how the web crawlers to search. Some crawlers start search from the popular web directories like DMOZ, Yahoo directory. So to submit our sites on web directories will get off to a good start.

Now I want to introduce  good sites to submit our sites:



On the Jasminedirectory.com you can first choose the category of your site and click it. Then click the Submit link.



I click the Standard Review button because it is free. And you need to fill out the form to the next. Please take notice to write in the 3rd person, for example avoid “we”, “our”, “my” and “your” in the description field. i feel it is strange but I obey the rules.

After some minutes You will receive a mail like this,”

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are glad to inform you that a link to http://job.achi.idv.tw
has been submitted to Max Web Directory (http://www.maxdirectory.eu/).
Your submission will be reviewed within 24 hours.
After approval and activation, your URL will be listed at:
Please consider listing your site in the following directories:
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Thank you,
Max Web Directory Administration Team

On the Max Web Directory it is the same as on the Jasminedirectory.com and then click “Suggest Link” link to submit. It is necessary to have a paypal account. So if you have a paypal account, you can pay to submit your site on the Max Web Directory.


To improve our web site’s ranking in the search engines and thus attract more visitors is worth the expense.