depakote lawsuit

To tell the truth, I do not know anybody who has suffered side effects from taking Depakote. But I know many people became melancholic or were suffered from bipolar disorder. They refuse to take the medicine because they were addicted to rests. So for depakote I want to share the information any potential birth defects that may be associated.
I must thank depakote lawsuit for introducing me. One study said,” researchers tracked 149 women with epilepsy who took Depakote from early through their postnatal stage. Among the Depakote users, 11% had children with birth defects, the most common of which was spina bifida. These results, including other neural tube defects, were seen in only 3% of infants whose mothers took other drugs. In other words, a 500% greater risk of having children with birth defects or other complications exists when pregnant women take Depakote.”
We know forewarned is forearmed and prevent the drug. But if you have trouble with you and your , you can call 1-888-808-5977 for free consultation. God never shuts one door but he opens another. It is a long lane that has no turning. I think that’s a good idea. I hope you will like.

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