Bidsauce Hearts Cheap People Very Much

Alright, let’s give this review thing another go. Maybe you said that some reviews were too short to understand, so I have made up my mind to increase the word count on this entry by about 10%. I am grateful for any positive review and ask you to look at my blog and leave a comment too.

Now, I am having a gander at, which is a new auction experience dedicated to providing our customers the hottest brand name electronics and hard to get items at unbelievable prices. Instead of typical auction, users are paying to participate in these auctions. “Each bid placed on BidSauce only costs the users $0.50. By charging a mere $0.50 for each bid placed, BidSauce is able to afford to give away products so cheap such as MacBooks for only $23.72, or a Nikon Digital Camera for only $45.42” Paula said. They want to give people access to goods extremely reasonable.

The Penny Auction

It’s not a totally unique thought, because I’m sure I’ve heard about penny auction from wiki. I believe there was someone that was selling their Apple iPad 2 64 GB WIFI like this. Bidsauce sells all the best products and all auctions start at zero dollars and increase is price by 1 penny per bid. As the timer counts down to Zero the most recent bidder WINS. If another bid is placed before the auction timer reaches zero then the timer resets to a maximum of 30 Seconds. Where else can you get your hands on a brand-new MacBooks for just $23.72? Still don’t get it? I’ll let the BidSauce team explain:

At the moment, the site is full of testimonials from satisfied customers. In the future, I’m sure that I will have an Android cell phone with winning the bid. After all, I think they’re still in beta, so there are certainly kinks to resolve before they’re fully prepared for what you are going to play.

A Great Way to Buy Things for Penny Pinchers

I’m stingy. I’ve never said that it is not true. With BidSauce, I have the chance to grab products for well below their manufacturer’s suggested retail price. If you are a thrill-seeker, you need to try the exciting shopping.


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