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Two days ago I wrote a article “Free Articles Input” about the importance of the link. But the site is strange because I can not submit the article. Today I find the similar site but the submit function is good.

But now I want to discuss the article “What to do if I lost my job“. The author lost his job. I agree with losing our job is very painful in any situation especially when unemployment is high and job prospects look gloomy. Huge numbers of Taiwan employees are being laid off as well. And like me I also attend to the two very important but difficult matters. I have a site Job Da Ren and praise myself for job Da Ren. Da Ren is Japanese “たつじん”’s phonetic alphabet. It means master. So if I have no job, I am not a Da Ren. And that will be so sad.

The author said we need understanding severance benefits. In Taiwan an unemployment insurance is separated from the labor insurance system, and is combined with the vocational training and employment service system, and laws are particularly enacted to handle unemployment insurance affairs. So it seems very good, isn’t it?

Second, we need assuring the continuation of health and life insurance coverage. It won’t work in Taiwan. So I am very afraid to afford the money to continue my life insurance.

Third,we need applying for unemployment compensation benefits. Some people perhaps out of a sense of pride or out of embarrassment, don’t want to collect these benefits. So do not be stupid. You must to collect them.

Fourth, we need summarizing your ready resources. It is necessary.

Fifth, we need reducing spending. Rubbish! It is impossible to live in luxury when we are lost our job.

Last, we need preparing a budget. Well, I think it is strange because we should not have more money to prepare.

However if we think over the suggestions, we will pull through. Hope everyone has a good job.

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