Managing an Apache Server review

In 2007 I wrote a Chinese article “監控網站紀錄檔”about how to monitor the site’s log files. I did not use webalizer because it’s not displayed correctly. I changed to install awstats and it’s cool. Last year my server crashed every day. I wrote a Chinese article “ubuntu當機問題”about how to solve the problems. Today I read the article to study about the new way of monitoring the apache server.

By default, the Apache server stores these log files at /usr/local/apache/log/. But in Ubuntu the Apache server stores the log files at /var/log/apache2/. When viewing directory listings in /var/log or any of its subdirectories, we may encounter log files with names such as accesss.log.1, access.log.2.gz, and so on. It’s because the logrotate command of course  and it built in our system. Wow! It’s enjoyable and we did not need to install the software.

The author presented the mod_status and mod_info module but for security I do not suggest the modules. He also shared monitoring tools include the following: · big brother system and network monitor · mon, the Service Monitoring Daemon. I think it’s useful to me.

The second article I want to talk about is This related my Chinese article “ SEO 7 個步驟”.  From “工作達人跳出率82.21%” we know to lower Bounce rate to 50%. The author suggested us to write how-to articles. And I suggest you can put the target=”_blank” in <a> tags.

And in this section “Using analytics data to make SEO decisions”.  It’s hard to understand how to create the chart so I give up to read.




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