If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Travel?

Caribbean All Inclusive
If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Travel?
Last year I wrote a post about my wife and I going to Tokyo for our honeymoon, I have been thinking of changing my environment as well. I want to sell everything and just take off but I hainclusive Jamaicave a wife who needs a stable setting. At least I can change my environment for a little time each year when I go on a vacation carrying my equipment and clothes in my backpack.

Although Japan is a very clean country, the winter blues get me down. I want some sun. Maybe I can decide to start my journey a little closer to home. But I have visited many places in Taiwan and now it is rainy and cold there. Right now the Caribbean with its white sand beaches and clear blue waters is calling me.

Budget travel around Tokyo is possible but I think the best Caribbean vacations are those where you stay in a 4 star resort and enjoy some recreation and relaxation in a scenic setting. There are many Caribbean hotels and resorts to choose from that offer just that.

I found some information online about Breezes Resorts who provide accommodations and all of your food/beverages in their caribbean all inclusive vacation package. These packages also include many resort entertainment options, use of resort facilities, and an incredible variety of land and water sports, with professional instruction. And tipping is never permitted, despite the acclaimed service.

Breezes Resorts have four all inclusive Jamaica resorts, with three along Jamaica’s north coast and one on the west coast. Each resort is unique in its character and design, but all of the resorts offer a great variety of activities and things to enjoy. The Trelawny Bay Resort is the closest to Montego Bay and it is a perfect destination for families with small children. The Breezes Runaway Bay resort is close to the tourist town of Ocho Rios, and in between the two is the award winning Rio Bueno Resort. The Breezes Resort on the west coast is the one that is located on the world famous Negril Beach.

I found all of this information on the Breezes.com website that has pictures of each resort and details about each of the resort facilities and activities. I am wondering if it is time to hang up my backpack, just for one vacation, and just go somewhere beautiful where we can relax and make the most of great water and sunny weather. Right now that sounds like an awesome idea to me, how about you?