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Last Tuesday Sophia, Chen Hsu and I met the owner of the house in one of Taiwan Realty’s direct selling stores. My wife and I very liked his house but we had not enough money to buy it. The owner of the house insisted on the price. He refused our cutting price and the negotiations ran marvelously on and on until Chen Hsu zapped him with that the renovation expense will be high, the construction of the building was not good and we actually have not much money. East or west, home is best. We blessed God for his kindness and we finally owned our home.

The house is newer, but it’ll be still renewed. The restaurant and the ceiling of the attic need to undergone a small renovation. And Sophia very wants to change the styles. We need that someone can advise us on our projects and make our dreams our reality. It’s with that kind of mindset that we take a look at today’s review of Jova Construction, an expert in construction which is unique because it aims to build long term relationships with its customers. They have several particular deals going on this month for us and that’s why they’ve asked to be highlighted on this .

In 1986 Ceramic Service Plus was born to Mr. Rene Pepin, professional tiler, offering a service in order for laying ceramic, granite, marble and porcelain. In 1995 his son, Jonathan Pepin joins the team to work on its side or j’usqu’en 1999 he attended a DEP internal system, a division of the construction that affects more business and industry. Following these experiences, Construction Jova was created. The Company consists of Mr. Rene Pepin who still renovating and mainly deals in Montreal, Mr. Jonathan Pepin who takes of Laval to Mont-Tremblant and the commercial division and our last came, Valérie Claveau that division is responsible for the and research of unique and imported.

I also found JOVA CONSTRUCTION offers:

■Service with legal guarantees

■Estimation, on paper, , fast and detailed, with options to meet your budget.

■Design services and complete renovation for your home, your office, commercial or industrial areas.

■Work clean and fast. Cleanliness reflects professionalism.

■Directory of qualified subcontractors with whom we work or we can refer you.

■Price competitive in several retailers such Baliscus , Plomberium , Olympia Tile, North Ital, Ital-Bec , Plancher640 and others.

■Disaster recovery service. Water, fire, vandalism and so on.

■Research Service on government grants available on the website of Revenu Québec .

An ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory. Let’s try it! We will be full of zip because of the wonderful house.

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