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I read a good Ensign in 2008. The caption on the article says “Cancer, Nutrition, and the Word of Wisdom: One Doctor’s Observations.” In several follow-up studies, participants were asked to give dietary histories showing what kinds of foods they commonly ate. The results were also surprising. Those individuals who had the highest intake of fruits and vegetables had a lower incidence of lung cancer. The best results were seen in individuals with diets high in vitamin A-rich foods, such as tomatoes and dark green or dark yellow vegetables and fruits. A second study, the Beta-Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial (CARET) Study, confirmed these results. Other studies have also confirmed the value of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It seems vitamin supplements are popular for fighting disease.
Scientists who study nutrition have found that you are what you eat. They have also found that what you eat can change how you learn. There are foods that can make your brain work better. These foods are called “smart foods” or “brain foods” because they are good for your brain. The natural vitamins and oils found within the foods can help you think better and faster.
But many food intolerance are confused with food allergies and are caused by elevated levels of histamine in food. These elevated histamine levels can make eating foods, such as pizza, fish, wine, beer, and many other foods a miserable experience. Until now, one of the only options was to avoid these histamine-containing foods.
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