Jan 2008Cairo Tutorial for PyGTK ProgrammersMichael Urman
Jul 2007
PyGTK, Py2exe, and Inno setup for single-file Windows installers
Ali Afshar
Mar 2007Custom PyGTK Widgets in Glade3: part 2

Ali Afshar
Mar 2007Custom PyGTK Widgets in Glade3

Ali Afshar
Sep 2006Extending our PyGTK Application

Mark Mruss
Aug 2006WordPy offline blogging tool

Mark Mruss
Jul 2006Writing a custom widget using pygtk

Mark Mruss
Jun 2006Building an application with PyGTK and Glade

Mark Mruss
May 2006Creating a GUI using PyGTK and Glade

Mark Mruss
Feb 2006Writing a Widget Using Cairo and PyGTK 2.8, Part 2

Lawrence Oluyede
Jan 2006Cómo hacer widgets con Pygtk y Cairo 2.8Alberto Ruiz
Dec 2005Writing a Widget Using Cairo and PyGTK 2.8

Lawrence Oluyede
Sep 2005
Writing win32 applications with python and glade

Nzeka Gilbert
Jun 2005PyGTK, Glade and
Matplotlib Tutorial
Dimitri Pater
Jun 2005Rapid
Application Development with PyGTK and libglade
(GUADEC slides)
Martin Grimme
2004PyCon2004 Talk: PyGtk and PyGnome Programming slidesTravis B. Hartwell
Aug 2004Creating a GNOME Web Browser with PythonPatrick Wagstrom
Jul 2004Rapid
Application Development with Python and Glade
David Reed
Jul 2004
href=””>Developing with Gnome (in C, C++, Perl and Python)
Elijah P. Newren
Feb 2004Gnome applets with PythonArturo G. Ferrer
Nov 2003Sub-classing GObject in PythonLorenzo G. Sanchez
Oct 2003
A short tutorial
Lars Wirzenius
Aug 2003A Beginner’s Guide to Using PyGTK and GladeDave Aitel
Mar 2003Wrap GObjects in PythonRoss Burton
Feb 2003Bonobo Tutorial for PythonMartin Grimme
Nov 2002Developing GNOME Applications with Python (part 3)Hilaire Fernandes
Jan 2002Developing GNOME Applications with Python (part 2)Hilaire Fernandes
Aug 2001Hello World in PyGTKRuss Nelson
Jul 2000GNOME Panel AppletsDaniel Solin
Jul 2000Developing GNOME Applications with Python (part 1)Hilaire Fernandes
Feb 2000Python Gnome tutorial (unfinished)Daniel Kornhauser