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Last year I wrote a chinese article “各搜尋引擎的登錄網站” about search engines how to crawl our sites. They use a human-edited directory of the Web.  And the article “關於PageRank” introduces PageRank, Alexarank, BrowseRank and TrustRank. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm. It help us to know the page’s popularity. We need to write unique articles to improve pagerank. So if we have links to our sites on another sites, we can have a good rank. It is a good SEO tactic.

But how do we have links on another sites? I suggest you can input your articles on Article Input.

Recently, I study Python and I found How to create a basic program in Python is good for me. Many people come from a Linux/UNIX background may be familiar with a command line. But like me from a Windows background to use the Python interpreter is no problem. In a script, main is our controlling-and only-function. Ha! Ha! It is like C and Java. I noticed sys.argv, sys.stdin, sys.stdout are different from other languages. And we can understand the fileinput module provides support for processing lines of input from one or more files.

It is a good getting started article and can helps us to learn Python. And the site is similar to my Job Da Ren ‘s WordPress Related Posts Plugin. Like this article have some related articles as follow:

1. How to make Python script execution in UNIX and Mac OS X and in Windows
2. The difference between scripts on Windows scripts on UNIX
3. Python applications are distributed as source files
4. How to use the Python file system
5. Client complaints about inconsistent query results

We can use these free articles to help us to improve our programming skills. But I think the site is new, so I can not find how to submit an article. May be something wrong. And there are not many artilce on the site. So we will spare some time  to wait.