IT – infinit

Two years ago I was offered a position as a Production Support Engineer in the MFG department. But in fact the duties that I need to perform include networking,data management, database and software design, as well as the management and administration of my department’s entire systems. At home I have a Dell PowerEdge T105 Server to maintain. Before I bought the server,  someone who broke my web server’s security without authorization for falsifing my web pages. I was very angry but I did not know how to improve the server’s  netwrok security. And all I can do is to change the server’s operating system.

Although I change the operating system, I am afraid of the crackers. I need some technology solutions to help me to deal with network security. I google the site infinit Technology Solutions is a appreciated Partner by the advantages of their wisdom, market knowledge, and above all, their honesty and high ethical standards.

I think the company meets my need. And I hope the service of the company help you too.




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