A Great Time for CalPERS Home Loans

If you are California public employee, and have access to the retirement, health, and financial programs and benefits offered by CalPERs programs, the a CalPERS mortgage is as helpful as ever.

The state of the economy has made things very difficult for a lot of people. The one group however that may be flourishing and loving the times right now are those who are interested in buying real estate. So many homes were forced into foreclosure that prices dropped to record lows in some areas. That means for any interested buyer there are plenty of great deals to find that are either in foreclosure, or have desperate owners who are already selling below their original price mark. So if you are interested, and qualify for a new home purchase you may want to look into CalPERS home loans. The reason you want to look into it is because they may have the best rates available along with better financing options.

A CalPERS mortgage may be the best deal possible when you consider all of the things you will need to get a great rate. Unlike with other lenders, CalPERS home loan rates are going to be the lowest and that’s what you want when taking out a loan. Even a difference of a few hundred dollars a year will add up to thousands of dollars once you get the loan paid off. Now may be the best time to get a new home in the past fifteen plus years, and it may be the best time to purchase a new home in the next fifteen plus years so you do not want to miss out on this opportunity but you also do not want to miss out on getting the best possible deal that will save you thousands of dollars over the years.




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