Picking a Spotting Scope for Migrating Birds Watching

Many years ago I took Sophia to Guandu Park. Guandu is an important stopover site for migrating birds, particularly waterfowls and shorebirds, as well as an chief wintering and breeding ground for lots of species. 229 species of birds have been recorded at Guandu so far, qualifying this wetland as an Important Bird Area (IBA) recognized by BirdLife International. Listened to the songs of the many native songbirds or watched from one of the bird watching blinds. We were deeply moved by the birds. I have fallen in with birding and photography. I bought Nikon D80 but I have no spotting scope.
The wiki said,” A spotting scope is a small portable telescope with added optics to present an erect image, optimized for the observation of terrestrial objects. They are used for birdwatching and other naturalist activities, for hunting, verifying a marksman’s shots, surveillance, and for any other that requires more magnification than a pair of binoculars, typically on the order of 20× to 60×.”
I read many Spotting scopes reviews and buyer’s guides. I think Spotting scopes by Barska Spotting scopes suit my particular needs. The whole world knows that. Spotting scopes are one of the most basic products for any avid shooter, astronomer, hunter, bird watcher, or naturalist. They provide clear, detailed from a long distance in the outdoors.

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