Last year Chengzong asked me a favor. He needed to pave the water tower site with cement. He rent a piece of land to to plant blueberry bushes in Longtan. He wanted to build a plant watering system to irrigate his land to help crops grow. He will need to raise more money to buy some building materials. I really admire his enthusiasm and want to help him. But this business venture contains some elements of risk. I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to invest his small business.  I think the bank may make a Business Loan of ten thousand pounds to him.

Many people like him need unsecured Business Loans to set up a special project that needs only one round of financing. So let help you. They specialize in Personal Loans and Lines of Credit featuring:

    • 8%+ APR
    • NO Collateral
    • No Doc or Full Doc
    • $10,000 to $100,000

Although the greatest method to support the small business is either through angel investors—friends, family, classmates. But I think Chengzong has no rich friend to lend him. Maybe his family give him some money but this is not enough. Credit card loans are rarely the best way to get money though they’re convenient. And this is a stupid idea. So for Small Business Loans which are similar but slightly less dangerous than credit card loans maybe a good proposal to be considered. Hope his Small Business Financing will be successful.




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