Recently pirate movies and comics are popular due to the release of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. I very like the movie. And I’m looking forward to the Caribbean.  There are very moist, misty, dim cloud forests , very dry cactus scrublands and the astoundingly beautiful sea. Digiscoping  has been my preferred method of photographing birds since time immemorial. So if I have a critically endangered Sooty Shearwater to photograph in the wild, I will be really excited. We can plan to

book a hotel and I’ve heard Breezes Bahamas is the Playful Side of Paradise.

The Nassau’s legendary Cable Beach is like My granny’s Penghu Bay said,” You’ll very want hold the deep blue sea in arms.” Everything you could possibly want in a tropical getaway is at your fingertips, and it’s all included. Will you feel  bright and cheerful and full of energy, won’t you?

We’ll get amazing water sports in the clearest Caribbean waters we have ever seen.

The Highlights as below:

  • All meals, from breakfast buffets to dinner feasts.
  • Even late night snacks. All you can eat, all the time.
  • All drinks, from soft drinks to top-shelf premium brands.
  • All entertainment.
  • All tips & gratuities.
  • All provided land and water sports and top-of-the-line equipment.
  • All hotel taxes and airport transfers*.
  • Are you ready for the little slice of heaven on earth? Let’s go!
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