First, I must admit that Shelf Corporation and Aged Corporation sound very strange. I’ve often heard tell of many OBU scandals. We maybe know that an offshore bank is a bank located outside the country of residence of the depositor, typically in a low tax jurisdiction (or tax haven) that provides financial and legal advantages. But what do you think of Shelf CorporationsKaren E. Klein explained that a shell corporation is a business entity with no significant assets or ongoing business activities. A shelf corporation or a aged corporation is a shell corporation that is formed and then held on to—put on a shelf—for a few years while some credit history is established for it.

“Wholesale Aged Corporations (Shelf Corporations)” covered many benefits of Aged Corporations:

1.Credibility: A business with a record in the past is very probably to be chosen as a business associate and have more reliability with creditors and suppliers. In other words, if you register Aged Shelf Corporations, you can easily borrow money from banks and buy materials cheaply.

2.SPEED: An Aged Shelf Corporation has a plan, result or purpose to hasten the procedures of company incorporation along with making corporate finance easier to access. In the final analysis, it’s all for money.

3.FINANCING: A lot of people or organizations only lend money to Shelf Corporations with Credit that are not less than two years. It is easier obtaining money to buy buildings, equipment, etc. Investors help the corporation that has been at work for years

4.ASSET PROTECTION: You should keep your assets out of your name and into Corporations and other types of Legal Structures that separate your assets from yourself.

Here at, I want you to know the facts so you can make an intelligent and informed decision.




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