Running a business can often feel like you’re juggling knives, balanced on a trotting zebra as you ride a circus parade. A lot can go wrong, quickly, if you don’t have someone behind the scenes to ensure each process streamlines together. That’s why following PMBOK is so important, balancing business intelligence with countless other factors to ensure a well run business.

The details lie in the data, and managing that data effectively comes down to dollars and cents. Data visualization provides business managers the quantified answers they need to be able to make decisions. Otherwise, they’re guessing as recklessly as a pair of crap dice thrown down an alley. Business intelligence is about taking quantified data to give you the solid answers you need to effectively guide a business. If you can’t manage and understand your data, how can you ever learn from your mistakes?

Streamlining business intelligence with PMBOK practices is essential. Everything is done through a process, from brushing your teeth to expanding the company overseas. Understanding how those processes work is what PMBOK is all about. More importantly, however, PMBOK is about understanding people, especially when you bring in an outside company for data visualization and project management. As the outside company has no direct authority over your own people, an outsourced project manager must be able to lead naturally.

So why hire an outside project manager for your data visualization in the first place? Simply put, you get an outside pair of eyes. Your own people can overlook important details that are key to the project. It’s kind of like a spouse or friend who spot checks your tie or makeup. Perspective breeds another point of view.

Another pair of eyes helps keep multiple team players on the same page. They can help coordinate the various entities of a campaign for a more streamlined approach. They utilize data visualization software so you know the facts essential to smart decision making in a simplified format for straight forward action. Business intelligence delivers the straight answer. Why let should truth get lost in the cracks?

Make your businesses processes simple. Hire a project manager who utilizes the best PMBOK practices based on business intelligence that delivers results. Understand what the data means through data visualization that gives straightforward answers. Don’t lose projects in the shuffle. Keep the entire team on board and on task. Business intelligence, using the best PMBOK practices, gets the job done.




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