The Importance of Clarity in Presentation of Custom Office and Directory Signs

You wear a tie or a professional blouse to the office because image is important. Professional looking office signs are just as essential to making a great first impression. Your directory signs are generally the first thing people see when they visit your office. When signs are poorly designed or have grammatical typos, it reflects poorly on your entire business. Take a look at these approaches for custom signs.

Simple Presentation

The power of simplicity cannot be overstated when it comes to custom signs. If someone is in a hurry, they don’t want to read directory signs that have paragraphs that read like a book. The information needs to be organized succinctly and clearly so everything you need to know can be found at a glance. A good test is to show all office signs to another pair of eyes for no more than a few seconds. Have they found everything they needed in a single glance? If not, simplify.

Color Makes Custom Signs Interesting

Don’t overlook the importance of color in office signs. The right use of color add personality to your business, giving it more identity. Keep it fresh. Use a number of different colors to create the right approach, whether you’re looking for something bold or classically professional.

The Importance of a Professional Logo

Custom signs help brand your company, so it’s important to include professional logos that help brand and identify the company. Logos can be your calling card, even on directory signs. They help identify your business so people can find you easier in a hurry, but they also add character to your business. Branding is a very important element to the design of office signs.

Clearly Defined Categories

When people are in a hurry, categories help direct them to the proper information quickly. Directory signs should be well categorized in a way that’s logical and easy for people to follow. Remember the at a glance test. If someone can’t find the info in just a few seconds, the categories of your office signs are probably too confusing. Information should have clear boundaries and organization.
Directory signs are mostly for people who are late. Make your office signs clear and understandable at a glance. Realize, however, that professional presentation is just as important as clarity. Your custom signs are your company’s calling card. Signs need to be clear as well inspiring. When presented well, clarity makes its own best impression.

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