Rocky Mountain Tracking Devices Save Client Thousands Monthly

Ashland Towing uses GPS tracking technology to encourage responsible driving, reduce speeds, reduce fuel, validate service calls, monitor overtime, and improve customer service.

Fort Collins, CO November 10, 2010 — In a recent survey, Rocky Mountain Tracking discovered that long-time client, Ashland Towing, saves thousands monthly using RMT GPS tracking devices.

In an effort to further improve customer service, Rocky Mountain Tracking offered clients the chance to sound-off about RMT tracking technology. One long-time RMT client, Ashland Towing (located in Ashland, Virginia), reported saving $1500 to $2000 per month after equipping 10 vehicles with Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS tracking devices.

Ashland Towing owner, Harry Field, also noted that the information provided by RMT’s tracking units allowed him to catch one employee driving 100 mph on a recent trip. As a result, Field believes that his drivers are “much more responsible about what they do.” Harry uses his GPS tracking devices to “keep speed down and safety up.”

Field also stated that his tracking devices have effectively lowered insurance costs. Installing GPS tracking devices inside of trucks “…makes insurance companies want to have your business.” Vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking devices are seen as less of a liability to insurance companies, which, in turn, lowers insurance rates.

Rocky Mountain Tracking’s President, Brad Borst, stated "We were pleased to note that our technology has successfully saved Ashland Towing thousands of dollars per month…” Borst was also happy to find out that “RMT’s tracking devices can potentially save lives.” as was made evident by Field’s comments.

About Rocky Mountain Tracking:
RMT has sold more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices to clients just like Harry Field. These devices have successfully prevented theft, made vehicle retrieval possible, and helped police capture numerous types of legal offenders. As a result, Rocky Mountain Tracking is one of the most trusted names within the GPS tracking industry. To find out more about RMT or GPS tracking devices, please visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website at:


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