Cages & Fatigue

Every time my wife and I pass through the pet shop, my wife always says the puppies are very cute. But I always say we have no cage. Last week we accompanied the missionaries to an investigator’ home. She keeps two dogs in the apartment block. I thought it is not ideal because the dogs have not dog crates to live in.

I fight for over half an hour to force myself to arise on Monday morning. I feel like I’m always tired. I can not my eyes on the screen. I will drop with and could not keep my eyes open. Monday is the worst day of the week – work efficiency is much lower than other days. I think I have Monday syndrome.

Maybe I need provigil pills. It’s more than likely that many people don’t know how much it is worth. You can read the illustration of the wiki and find a really reputable online pharmacy (based in the UK) which sells Provigil (also known as Modalert or Modifinil). Hope the great products to keep you awake, alert and focused.

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