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  1. Bloggers Passion(PR 3)→How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase for WordPress Blogs(較新且PR低,權重1)。
  2. About.com(PR6)→Computing→→Blogging Tools→Add-Ons and Plug-Ins→Wordpress Plugins→Wordpress Plugins – 5 WordPress Plugins to Boost Page Views(權重為2)
  3. http://voices.yahoo.com/的3 Easy Steps to Dramatically on Your Associated Content Articles(權重為2)
  4. SEO SAFETY→How To Increase Page View | Top Answer | Google Search,ㄚ琪在猜它是從Google Search撈出10篇文章作列表,這對我們的研究更加沒有意義,因為我們正在做跟他類似一樣的事情,不過我們正在找30個樣本文章,所以讓我們省略這一篇吧。
  5. Rahul Chowdhury→Increase in 3 Easy Steps(較新且PR低,權重1)。
  6. Build Your Blog Series→ (較新且PR低,權重1)
  7. eHow→Internet→Web Page Information→View Web Pages→How to Increase Page Views to a Website(權重為2)
  8.  Shout Me Blogging→5 Blogging Tips: How to increase Page views Per Visitor(較新且PR低,權重1)
  9. IDEAL TECH BLOG →Blogging→How To Increase Page Views – A Complete (較新且PR低,權重1)
  10. TECH N TECHIE→Increase Page View of Your Blog Technically !(較新且PR低,權重1)


文章內部連結 29 Increasing the Longevity of Key Posts
How to Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress 付費外掛
突出顯示相關文章 WordPress Related Posts
Yet another Related Post
Highlight Related Posts With Image Thumbnails
LinkWithin Plugin
SEO Smart Links
Google 如何發現網站和網頁
WordPress 內部連結(Internal Linking)
WordPress insights plug
有品質的內容 13 吸引人的 顏色
How to Write Blog Posts That Go Viral!
每天持續更新 How Often Should a Blogger Post
Where to Start How to Craft a Blog Post
Techniques Make Your Writing Scannable
How Long Should a Blog Post Be?
Workflow Marinating Ideas into Blog Posts – My Posting Workflow
Why Guest Posts are Great for a Blog
Motivation Declaring War on Blog Apathy
Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove
20 Types of Blog Posts
Principles of Successful Content Creation How to Eliminate the Echo Chamber and Add to the Conversation
The 4 Pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs
Writing Good Content
How to Write Excellent Blog Content
interesting 建制互動的部落格
12 Simple Ways to Engage Your Readers
Tips to Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills
部落格熱點中突出顯示關鍵文章及分類 10
迴響 6 自己的部落格上迴響
在別人部落格上留言 Several Tricks To Survive Google Panda Updates 2012
5 Ways to Attract More Comments on Your Blog
標題 5 吸引人的 Using Titles Effectively on Blogs
12 Must Follow Formulas to Craft Your Post Headlines
建制互動的部落格 5 subscribe to comments
Interactive Blog Tools
首頁頭版摘錄 4
彙編頁面 3
系列文章 3 How to Write a Successful Series on Your Blog
12 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Posts
搜尋功能 3 Google custom search widget
RSS摘錄 2 How to Make Your RSS Feeds POP!
在RSS饋送中啟用連結 2
繼續閱讀的功能 6
Encourage Random Browsing 2
了解你的觀眾是誰 2 透過調查
閱讀線上的調查報告 GVU WWW User Survey
Put your site in the spotlight 2 網域名
Use a submission service, like Submit-It
Whenever relevant, mention your site newsgroups
網站載入速度 4 少用圖片,或小檔案 Jennifer Kyrnin rule of thumb is no larger than 12K per image
頁面的容量 stay below 30K for a total page
Pre-load images
lowsrc attribute
5 WordPress Plugins to Speed up Your WordPress Blog
Don’t hide information 2 800×600解析度
回覆你的mail 2 要有禮貌
Don’t spam.
撰寫客串文章 1 How Social networking sites can impact your blog?
Make Your Sidebars More Inviting 7 popular post
recent post
tag cloud
30 Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers
Keep Your Ads less 2 6 Simple Ways to decrease your Bounce Rate
Most Commented 2
What Would Seth Godin Do? 2
Relevant Writing on Hot Topics 2 Google Trends
at least 25 Associated Content articles
Use Page View Analyzing Tools 1
Remove Unnecessary Links 1
Use Your Article Power: 1 7 Ways to Reduce Your Blogging Stress
NYTimes Style Sliding Box Plugin 1
Improve SEO to Improve Search Results 5 Pay attention to SEO. 6 Simple SEO Tips for Authors blogging to build their author platform
Make SEO friendly links
Switch the order of the blog title tip to improve your title’s SEO without giving up your creativity
Make images SEO friendly by renaming them
Tag photos with “title” and “alt” text
Proper Keyword Density 3% – 5% keyword density
Use Social Networks to Attract Readers 5 Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
Participate in Blog Carnivals
Follow other blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and any other way you can
Actively Connect With Others in Niche 1
交換連結 3 Open External Links in New Tab
電子報 2
Recommending Other Articles That May Help 1 Linking from Paragraph Words
Linking from Recommended Article Section
Pinterest 1
Do Experiment With Your Blog Design 1
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