Magic Twithelper Review – Has No Magic But Useful


As everyone is talking about Twitter, I expect it was time to learn what this business on Twitter is all about. So, I went over to to set up an account and install a WordPress plugin to publish posts automatically from my blog to Twitter. But you can see the picture below, there is only short 140-character messages called “tweets” full of link texts. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that I have not turned the business on Twitter into a success story. When I felt very tired and was busy dealing the problem, I got a magic answer – Twithelper and it really fit the bill.


Twithelper has three magic features:

1) It’s a free HTML5 design tool to create awesome tweet posts and twitter header photos.

2) Users can customize their tweets with background images, and 600 different fonts.

3) Users can convert long text into image, so they can send a long text in single tweet as an image.

Wait… They say I can create twitter header photo images with various background images and different fonts. Generate and update my twitter header picture in seconds. Is the information true? Yes, when I input Chinese text, choose a suitable background from the gallery and press “Set My Twitter Header Photo” button, ah, how cool! My twitter header photo is no longer boring.

Customizing your tweets with background images, and 600 different fonts is the second magic thing that you would not use plain boring text any more. Create stylish twitter posts is similar to create twitter header photos. Choose a suitable background and add your tweet then click on the “Post to Twitter” button. You will see wonderful tweets.

The feature of convert long text to image is also good for me. Sometime I do not like short 140-character messages. Now we can convert “Long Texts” into image and send them in a single tweet. I never dreamed that they are so smart to help a lot. Their services are all free. You must test them. If they offer me a plugin, they will be better for me.




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