Concrete and Abstract Types

C++ Primer 4/e在Class Definitions and Declarations這個地方有一個關鍵觀念:『Not all types need to be abstract. The library pair class is a good example of a useful, well-designed class that is concrete rather than abstract. A concrete class is a class that exposes, rather than hides, its implementation.

Some classes, such as pair, really have no abstract interface. The pair type exists to bundle two data members into a single object. There is no need or advantage to hiding the data members. Hiding the members in a class like pair would only complicate the use of the type.

Even so, such types often have member functions. In particular, it is a good idea for any class that has data members of built-in or compound type to define constructor(s) to initialize those members. The user of the class could initialize or assign to the data members but it is less error-prone for the class to do so.』








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