Last month I wrote a Chinese post,”站外最佳化” and mentioned that helps small businesses leverage the Internet to communicate their news to the public.This is a good site and today I use the features to 2 sites to help me locating interesting products that we may wish to purchase.

The first message on is consumer forum. The title is “The board’s reviews seem fair minded so far and no one pulls any punches.”If the products’ reviews always try to be fair and reasonable, and always listen to our consumer opinions, it’s a blissful tidings.

The second message on is bsnl broadband. The title is “Most responses happen very quickly and usually there is something of value to them.”The India Broadband Forum can very quickly answer our most troubling computer related problems. I like this site because many of my friends have a lot of problems and they want me to solve for them. They are very annoying and will interrupt my work. So if they have any problem, they can use the forum to solve their any problem.

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  1. I just wanted to say a Hi all as I have just joined. I’m from Syracuse
    , nice to meet you guys here!



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