Although most of us take it completely for granted, the telephone we have in our houses is one of the most amazing devices ever created. The telephone companies earn a fortune. They make me a little annoying. So I like to find the ways how to save money. I undertook research on voip phone and found that we can buy some devices and write some programs to call someone. It’s free. And because some one can recognize our telephone numbers,  I wrote the article “phone spoof card – Spoof Rod” to introduce the Caller ID Spoofing for securing our calls.

So do you know “800 numbers”? A toll-free, Freecall, Freephone, or 800 number is a special telephone number, in that the called party is charged the cost of the calls by the telephone carrier, instead of the calling party. A toll-free number is assigned from a special dialing prefix range (also known as area code) such as 0800 where all calls to those prefixes are free to the caller. Oh, yes─ you can call free some banks or companies. They often cancel the 800 call forwarding services thievishly because they want to avoid wasting money. It’s unwise because we do not business with them. Sometimes the best gain is to lose. So if your company want to offer long distance phone service and build a small business phone system, you should gather call forwarding information. And you can forward your phone calls through voice over IP. By forwarding your phone calls you can move about freely while never missing a call. I think you can get the biggest bang for your buck.




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