uniforms and scrubs

I remember it use to be that nurses always wore white uniforms in Taiwan when I was young. We called them angels in white because they were so very good and kind and were always there to help us. But now when you see all of the many great colors that scrub uniforms come in these days, I wonder if our white angels ever became tired or bored with wearing white all the time. Now it is so different, scrub uniforms come in so many great colors, designs, and patterns. There is a website, scrubsandbeyond.com that has a wide selection of fashionable, functional, and affordable scrub uniforms.

Look at the picture, for example. This screen print mock-wrap styling with fashionable front slits is so nice and elegant looking, is it not? It is so well designed as it is very stylish even though it still has the functionality of typical scrub tops. This is just one example of the variety available. The scrubs uniforms now provide great choice in color and style and with different designs that flatter different body shapes and sizes. There are scrub tops and scrub bottoms for men and women from junior to tall sizes. There are scrubs from manufacturers such as Koi, Sketchers, Disney, and there are even Baby Phat Scrubs and many more. Some people prefer a v-neck, some a scoop neck, whatever you prefer you will find an amazing selection at scrubsandbeyond.com. Along with their great selection of scrubs uniforms they also have a variety of accessories, like the Nursemates Clear Frost split strap jelly watch, which is functional and fashionable, and designed by Fossil exclusively for Nurse Mates. The watch has a clear, sporty split strap jelly design and a digital face features alarm, calendar, and stop watch functions. So you get reliable function and great Fossil style all in one. There is also a great selection of nurses shoes and clogs that come in a wide array of colors, so you are sure to find some shoes to match your scrubs uniforms – shoes that are comfortable and also stylish. Maybe you think the this wide variety of choice may cost you more. That is not the case at Scrubs and Beyond, one of the best places to buy scrubs online. Their prices are very reasonable, and they also have great sales and special promotions. So I guess the days of the white angels are behind us, but who says angels here on earth have to wear white?