AZ DUI Lawyer Review

What is arizona dui lawyer? It looks like arizona dui lawyer is the first site to take advantage of free consultation is running this month. They are promised to offer personal and dedicated representation to help us navigate the legal waters to come to a fair resolution of our case. In Taiwan facing the Pacific on the east the government has more respect for driving under the influence because of the traffic accidents.

I suggest you shouldn’t drink and drive. But if you receive a DUI citation, there are two separate tracks you must follow. One track is Court action, and the second track is Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) action. Your citation will normally include at least 3 charges: Driving while impaired to the slightest degree (ARS 28-1381A1); Driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle (or within 2 hours) while having a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher (ARS 28-1381A2); and, a charge that is the reason for the traffic stop (speed, red light, following too close, improper lane change, failure to drive in a single lane, etc.). If you are released that night (no jail), you will be given a date/time for your first appearance in Court. This is call the Initial Appearance, and the Court merely reads the charges against you, takes your correct name and date of birth, enters a “Not Guilty” plea on your behalf, and schedules your matter for a Pre-trial Conference.

You should appear at your Pre-trial Conference with an attorney. It is common for your attorney to file a Motion to Continue your PTC in order to allow him and you to review and discuss the Police Report, to discuss the State’s first plea offer, and to have your blood or urine sample analyzed by an independent analyst to determine if the State’s analysis and report are accurate. With the arizona dui lawyer you can make the procedure easy.




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