Best Fundraisers and Fundraising Ideas

Two months ago I wrote a post about the best green fundraising ideas. It seemed that many organizations hope to discover powerful new fundraisers. This month the community services idea originated with our ward. Our bishop found a protectory in Zhongli City and helped them with the Church’s humanitarian fund. In our church the members strive to follow the Savior’s admonition to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, take in the stranger, clothe the naked, and visit the sick and those in prison. Many of us are worldwide fundraisers for struggling countries in times of crisis.

Everyone gushed over the fundraising for schools because more and more the financials needs of the school could not be met with the school budget. As for me, my immediate gut feeling was to refuse to donate my money to the schools because most of them may be profit-making organizations. I know some of non-profitmaking fundraising for schools or churches need the best source for school fundraising ideas because of like this. And Howard Gottlieb is a valued Job Da Ren reader. Understanding just how huge this audience is, Howard Gottlieb saw that there was no better way to give his project a flood of exposure than by ordering a review from me. Well it worked, because he got me to take a nice long look at Easy Fundraising Ideas, a site that I probably would have ignored otherwise. They can help them with collecting money.

I’m certain you’ve seen these kinds of sites before. Howard Gottlieb is President of Easy Fundraising Ideas. And his hope is to offer every one considering fundraisers all the information they need to navigate the world of fundraising and make the wisest choices for their group. It’s this sort of up-front honesty that almost makes me want to believe Howard. It also helps me out that he has a fairly prominent presence on Job Da Ren, so I’m a little more inclined to buy into what he’s offering: an easy way to offer easy fundraising ideas for schools, sports and church groups available. It is just what many churches need. Is it easy? Perhaps, but it’s perfectly legal and absolutely genius.

If you’re part of a church group the last thing on your mind might be raising money. You get tons of knowledge, ideas, support, and products from Easy Fundraising Ideas, so you should be able to study some church fundraisers on the site, but if you’re still not sure, they have a free fundraising catalog going on right now that dramatically increase your fundraising results.




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