Pay-As-You-Go Gym

Last Saturday I went back to the playground for my first workout of the year. Surprisingly this caused my muscles to become tired and for me in general to suffer with fatigue. Maybe I lacked of sleep. Or maybe I should exercise more. To work out in the gym is a good choice.
I know there is a gym at No.336, Sec. 1, Zhongshan E. Rd., Zhongli City but I I’m afraid I can’t afford the fee. Let’s face it. If you’re going to have a healthier life, then you need to search a gym wherever you want. So let a site call payasUgym comes in.
PayasUgym sounds a bit like pay-as-you-go, but with a gym and not a go. PayasUgym is a website that gives you complete control of your fitness so that you only ever pay for what you use. There are loads of options available including discounted day passes, short term packages, annual memberships, personal training, swimming, Pilates etc. and there are literally hundreds of gyms to choose from all over the UK.
If you live in Leeds, you can visit the page to search gyms in leeds. Or if you live in Manchester, you can click on the “gyms in manchester” to continue onto. PayasUgym now also offers you a fantastic new way to use gyms in birmingham!
I’ve added payasUgym to my Google reader (they offer a full feed RSS) and I look forward to reading their latest community articles. PayasUgym should be on your must read list. Congrats to my friend for seeing a need and offering a solution. I’m sure the site will do great.




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