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Recently I borrowed a book from the library. The name is “Google Android SDK 開發範例大全 2(附光碟)”. I found if I have a Google phone, I will learn very well. But it is very expensive if I do not find a discount shop. I was lucky enough to find an internet shopping website. It’s name is Market America. I can give you an example how to save your money if you want to buy a Verizon HTC Touch Pro2 Mobile Phone – Black. If you find Best Buy sell it, you go to the shop and saved 5% online. With Paid to Shop, you’ll be able to go to and then through to Best Buy and save the same 5% at Best Buy. Your total savings would be 7% with 2% coming from and 5% from Best Buy. The discount depends on the seller but gets 2% cashback for your qualifying purchases. It is cool,isn’t it?

I like the shopping website for another reason that I refer my  friends to receive 1/2% cashback on the purchases they make where the ma Cashback logo is displayed!

How to refer your friends? It’s easy to click the link :

ma Cashback-Get paid to shop

And You will see the screen :


Click the Sign me up to earn cash! button.


Then input your email and click No, I am a new customer button.

At last you will receive a mail like below:


And when you’re logged in, just enter one or more of your friend’s e-mail addresses in the text box under the headline “Invite Friends.” There’s a default note to your friends, or you can modify it with your personal memo. You’ll get 1/2% cashback on all of their future, qualifying purchases. in addition, they’ll begin earning 2% cashback on all of their own purchases where the ma Cashback logo appears when they are logged in as a Preferred buyer!

Let’s hope we can own a Android phone.
ma Cashback-Get paid to shop




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