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Two months ago I wrote a Chinese post “李孝利的賺錢模式”about her profit model. Who is Lee Hyo-ri? She is a South Korean singer and actress and had signed a three-year contract with M-Net Entertainment for 2.2 billion, becoming the highest paid female singer in South Korea. She works in show business and earn a lot of money. I’d assess my chances as low in show business because I can not doll myself up. But I think what I want to do is different from those of others. Then I can still earn money. Maybe we can consider the paid to blog.

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I found a blog advertising network – blogadvertisingstore. And My total earnings are $67.00 from 27/12/09 to now. I like their slogan “Raise your hand if you want”.Yah! If you want to make money online, you should raise your hand to write articles.  They always have some opportunities to pick. I like their mechanism and we can help the advertisers to sell their products. Gregory Nielsen said he was surprise to see that the sales to that particular product increased with 22% within two months! Blog advertising saved him!

On Monday April 19, 2010, 6:00 am EDT there is the news about “Social Blogging Builds Leads for Small Business, Study Finds”.  Hubspot said “small businesses who take advantage of blogging generate more leads”. The eMarketer said “Blogs not only promote engagement but they also help companies increase the number of pages they have indexed by major search engines.” I believe this is true.  I wish I’d known about that  Blog Advertising earlier. Maybe I gets rich from writing like John Chow. I can tell you this will be my secret for a long, happy life. I hope you are only too delighted to accept  my invitation to join blogadvertisingstore.


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