Customizable Chime Wireless Doorbell

Sophia and I rent a house in Zhongli. Zhongli Station is quite near. The doorbell is not working. Sophia is the beau ideal of a Mormon sister. She always wants the best. She does not like this. She is forever beefing about that. And this problem has beaten me. I am always at my wife’s beck and call. If I do not solve the problem, I’ll bed down on the sofa. I do not like the doorbell makes a beep. I prefer the doorbell having Bach’s First Movement to the beep. I also not like bee doorbell in black finish.
I very want to use wireless doorbells because it is convenient to call for help. But no one can vouch for the reliability of the machines. The wireless doorbells often have breakdowns because of the wet, the sun giving off heat, battery going dead and the launcher’s short life. And if the wireless doorbells made in China, the quality of them are not good repeatedly. Maybe they need to learn modern management techniques. The electric power is the key problem. Most of the power consumption is from the launcher.
I will buy the select wireless doorbell even if there are some flaws in the wireless doorbells. I care for Customizable Tune Wireless Doorbell on The Customizable Chime Wireless Doorbell allows me to convert my own .WMA, .MP3, or .MIDI files to create my own chime featuring any song I want! The software disk and 4MB sound card is included, so all we need is a PC computer with a USB port (compatible with Windows 2000 and newer). Additionally, this doorbell system also includes 7 preselected tones including (click on names to sample sounds):
3-note Westminster
8-note Westminster
Bach’s First Movement
Take Five (jazz short)
“Stella the Starlight” (jazz short)
Cartoon Short
“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies”
The wireless doorbell features:
Extremely easy to use and install- sets up in minutes.
Up to *150 range.
Does NOT require a direct line of sight between the push button and receiver.
Receiver features sound and volume control up to 75dB
Bell push button operates on 2 “AAA” batteries. Receiver uses 3 “C” batteries. (not included)
Push button can be mounted with included hardware or double-sided tape.
Complete one-year warranty and toll-free tech support.
Customizable chime, allows you to create and program your own sounds.

And specifications:
Bell push dimensions: 4″ L x 1.25″ W x 1″ D
Receiver dimensions: 6″ W x 2″ D
Working distance: Up to 150 ft.*
Bell push button operates on 2 “AAA” batteries. Receiver uses 3 “C” batteries. (not included)
Software and customizable soundcard needed to convert downloaded tunes included in package. (compatible with Windows 2000 and newer)

I bet you’ll also like the good wireless doorbell.


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