How to Quit Smoking

Recently I listened to a story about how to quit smoking and identified the spiritual tools used by the people in the story.
“While I was serving as a stake mission president at one time, the missionaries were meeting with a very good man who was not a member of the Church but who was married to a fine Latter-day Saint sister. This good brother wanted to join the Church, but he was addicted to tobacco. He had tried to quit many times but he said he couldn’t; he was just too weak.

“There were six stake missionaries who had met with him over a considerable period of time but who were unable to help him develop the strength to quit smoking. Finally, under the influence of the Spirit, we asked him if we could fast with him that he might overcome this weakness. He considered the offer and agreed to our proposal. We asked him then if he would carry out the fast for two days. He agreed, so the fast went forth. Six stake missionaries, the smoking brother, and his wife fasted.

“At the completion of the fast, we all met in his home and knelt with him in his living room, each praying in turn. The prayers were essentially the same; they were, that the Lord would take from this brother his desire to smoke. He was the last to pray and then he arose and announced, ‘I have no desire to smoke.’ He hasn’t smoked unto this day. Since that time he has served in the bishopric of his ward and . in a stake [Young Men’s presidency]. He is today a stalwart in the faith, a real servant of the Lord. The Lord literally took from him his weakness and made him a tower of strength instead”
The spiritual tools used in this story are fasting and prayer. And the methods are very miraculous. But how to quit smoking if you have not spiritual tools to help you? Today I have news to impart how to lower cholesterol. Don’t worry, there’s more to this review than a bunch of pills; there’s a chance to quit smoking too. In keeping with a healthy lifestyle, you need proper nutrition and an appropriate exercise regimen, but some herbal remedies, like those available from Healthy Choice Naturals, probably can’t hurt either. Healthy Choice Naturals was founded in 2003 by Frank Darling, a natural health advocate who has more than 22 years experience working with laboratories and manufactures in the supplement industry.
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