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Last night for family home evening, both Sophia and I taught about “Provident Living Prepares Us for the Future”. We have learnt to help ourselves and encourage work in our lives like spiritual strength, physical health, education, employment, home storage and finances. I know my lifestyle has its pitfalls because I feel like I can work at any time of the day, I may feel like I would be working at every hour of the day. This can result in long hours in front of the computer, a lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and a less than stellar night’s sleep. I have been putting on weight and now it is the front burner to buy a vibration exercise machine because the machine is inconvenient or enjoyable and you can not put off your heath and fitness plans.

POst on Health, Fitness or weightloss blog
In researching this article I found almost 700 medical research reports on the benefits of vibration exercise over at They found an impressive amount of benefits including, increased bone density (osteoporosis), increased muscle strength, better flexibility, joint pain reduction, increased HGH levels, and faster metabolism, just to name a few.

I also found a weight-loss report on VibraSlim’s website that was presented at the “European Congress on Obesity” that had groundbreaking results and has caused a stir in the weight loss community. The report found that using whole-body vibration machines dieters lost up to four times the fat when compared to dieters doing conventional exercise. Even more exciting was that after six months the vibration fitness group had maintained their weight-loss and the conventional exercise group had gained all of the weight back. My dieting friends out there know this as the Yo-Yo effect. Vibration exercise, they found resets the bodies weight set point, this is what your body thinks it should weigh.

POst on Health, Fitness or weightloss blog
She looks pretty healthy, right? According to whole body vibration reviews using oscillation technology the VibraSlim vibration training machine vibrates the body from the feet up at a rate of 10 to fifty Hertz. They also claim that they are number one starting with their lifetime motor warranty, 2 year overall warranty and their 7 day money-back guarantee. The machine is of good quality.
Really? How the Vibrating Machine Works?

VibraSlim is an exercise machine that uses vibration for weight-loss. The idea of using vibration for weight loss has gained popularity due to the quick and obvious results that can be seen from regular use. Many doctors, therapists and health experts recommend the use of vibration for weight-loss and many celebrities, from actors to singers to athletes have begun incorporating it into their fitness routine.

The vibration for weightloss is really working. You should try vibration exercise yourself. And you will love the vibrating weight loss machine.
Learn more at the VibraSlim Fitness website




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