Winter Weather in Hehuanshan

Did you know Hehuanshan? Yes,I think everyone in Taiwan knows Hehuanshan has become a very attractive destination to much of the people of central Taiwan. Snow, rare in the rest of Taiwan, is relatively common on the mountain during winter months. I very want to take a trip to enjoy the snowfall on Hehuanshan. But we should drive with care after the season’s largest snowfall. Some experts suggest we should have a car with four-wheel drive and snow chains because the asphalt paved driveways are wet and slippery.

But if we drive on the unimproved road, we should have rubber mud flaps on the front and back. Besides the cars we should have them on the motorcycles because they can prevent other motorcycle driver from being splashed with mud.

In Taiwan I have never seen the commercial snow plows have become personal. And they are not cheap but you can still refer to the site(

One thing deserved to be mentioned is the car heaters. I don’t think every driver has the device because it’s hot and getting hotter now in Taiwan. But when the snowfall dumps 50cm to 60cm of snow on the mountain, I believe  you will worry about the car being started hardly during winter months.

I look forward to your visit in winter and enjoy the snow. It will be a wonderful experience.




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