Last year I bought two cell phones. One cell phone is Nokia 5800.

The other one is HTC Touch Diamond. Both the cell phone are smart phones and costly. I was pretty excited about my new phones. I abandoned my last phone while it can not develop Java ME programs. And I got scratches on the old cell phone. So I  took it as a spare the top drawer of the desk.
If only I had the cell phone covers on that phone to prevent scratches and damages, I could think it will sell well on eBay. This time around I am not taking any chances. I wanted to buy the cell phone cases/covers for my HTC Touch Diamond and Nokia 5800 to protect them from scratches and damages, if I happen to one of them.
I found one I really . It is a Sprint HTC Touch Diamond Case – Blue Rubberized Faceplate. It looks really cool. I think I will order that one.

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