Android Change TextView String Color

今天終於可以看Google Android SDK 開發範例大全 2這本書的03-03的變更TextView文字顏色 – 引用Drawable顏色常數及背景色這節了,你可以在看到簡體版的文章!


public View findViewById (int id),Finds a view that was identified by the id attribute from the XML that was processed in onCreate(Bundle). Returns The view if found or null otherwise.


getBaseContext()是ContextWrapper的一個方法,它會傳回the base context as set by the constructor or setBaseContext,但是我查不到更詳盡的資訊,ContextWrapper大概是『Proxying implementation of Context that simply delegates all of its calls to another Context. Can be subclassed to modify behavior without changing the original Context.』。有些可能搞不太懂得就繼續放著吧,看看以後會不會比較懂。


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