I like reading very much. When I was a small boy, I was interested in reading comic books. At the age of fifteen, I entered a senior high school and began to read more books. At that time I have many subjects to learn. Every day I must finish a lot of homework. I was very busy. But when I had spare time I still read some Wuxia, books containing anecdotes and science fictions. One day my Chinese teacher bought me a book on world economics. I read the book with interest.

I need to buy many books to satisfy my curiosity. When I was at university the number of books I own: I would guess around two hundred. The books were piled high on the desktop and floor. I can’t move for books in my room. One day a mid-strength typhoon made landfall, bringing heavy rains and strong wind gusts. The corner of my house was damp where the roof had leaked. Many books were soaking wet. The typhoon caused me to suffer no small amount of damage. I took a dislike to buy books. Another reason I dislike buying books is I moved house often. I needed to struggle with the heavy books.

But I still like reading I need to have a new method of solving the problem of buying books as little as possible. There are some ways to solve the problem. We can borrow books from the library or buy used books but sometimes some books we want can not be found or bought. Free books especially eBooks are also good ideas but they maybe affect our sight. Book swap maybe goes a long way towards solving the problem. ‘A penny saved is a penny earned.’ as the saying goes. Swapping books saves our spaces, our money, and our environment. In this review, we’ll take a look at BooksfreeSwap. Created by Booksfree.com, the leading online paperback and audio book rental service, BooksfreeSwap was developed to be a complementary service to its popular online rental service. So how it works?


First, you sign up the form to join their swap community. It is simple, secure, fast and free!


Second, you list your books online that you no longer want. If some one likes your book, he can pay the shipping and handling to get the book.


Third, you pack the book, print the convenient Postage Paid mailing label and affix it to the package. Look! It’s very simple, isn’t it?


Fourth, you create a wish list of titles you want. And then you will receive books in the mail.


Last, we were both happy to read the book we like.

I like this service although it limit to United States. Maybe I am interesting to design the program to offer the service in Taiwan.