Let Impact XS Design Your Package, Web, and Logo

image is extremely important. This is true of everything from a blog to a real business. And a key component of branding derives from having your own special logo or web. Good product photography can keep the lid on some defects in the products. You maybe want some free tools to design but you will waste most of your time. That’s what guides us to today’s review. We’re inspecting impactxs.com/ for everyone.

What Is Impact XS Design

They are a Laval based Graphic Design and Product Photography studio that specializes in creating:

Packaging, Logos, Catalogues, Business Cards, Professional PowerPoint Presentation, CD & Cover Design, Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures, Postcards, Banners, Advertising, photography and more …

Unlike most design studios were licking their lips at the thought of clinching the deal; they obtain through client interviews to understand our needs and translating them through effective .

Bellow is a list of all of their service:

Corporate Identity

Desktop Publishing




In-Software graphics

Web, Internet, Electronic

I checked their payment policies. Their work is based on billable hours for the time and professional expertise of our graphic designers, creative directors and photographers. Can we lop some dollars off the price of each hour? Maybe you can try it but there is no low-priced good thing.

“I must say I wish I discovered your company a long time ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and energy labelling and photographing all my products.” were said by Marco Colletta. I like their design but it lies with you to accept or reject the proposals.

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